It is known that the wind when it blows with frequency and intensity can cause sensitive damage to crops or greenhouses , it is therefore necessary, especially in particularly windy areas, to resort to windbreaks.
Utility of windbreak nets:

  • Attenuation of mechanical effects of wind.
  • Reduction of evaporation and perspiration of water from the soil.
  • Reduction of frosts caused by inflows of cold air and consequent savings in the heating of greenhouses.
  • Fume retention, harmful exhalation, salt and sand transported by winds.

The optimal net as windbreak barrier is the 50% type, which can protect for a distance of up to 8-10 times its height without creating turbulence and swirls (ex. high barrier 2 mtrs : 16 mtrs protected) If nets are also required to remove salt or other powders, 60 or 70 % thicker nets should be used.
Using networks too thick (ex.90%) is not recommended because they can create, over or downwind, whirlpools that can cause more damage than would have caused the original wind.

NET 50%
item O50 HDPE UV stabilized 0.28
Use:  windbreak, medium shading
50% wind reduction up to 8 times barrier height (ex. high barrier mtrs 2, 16 mtrs protection)
Colours (Shading): black (50%) – green (38%)
white (15%) – grey (33%)
Heights: mtrs 1 – 1,20 – 1,5 – 2 -2,5 -3- 4 -5 -6
Lenghts: mtrs 100-200 or on request

NET 70%
item O70 HDPE UV stabilized 0.28
Use:  windbreak, anti-drift treatment, dense shading
Wind protection (-50%): up to 5 times the barrier height
Colours (Shading): black (70%) – green (59%)
Visual shielding effect: medium
Heights: mtrs 1 – 1,20 – 1,5 – 2 -2,5 -3- 4 -5 -6
Lenghts: mtrs 100-200 or on request

reti frangivento

NET 60% 
item O60 HDPE UV stabilized 0.28
Use: Windbreak protection against sand and dust, medium shading
Protection from wind (-50%): up to 6 times the barrier height
Colours (Shading): black (60%) – green (47%)
white (16%)
Heights: mtrs 1 – 1,20 – 1,5 – 2 – 2,5 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6
Lenghts: mtrs 100-200 or on request

item CORD
Sewing on the edge of the nets of a cord made of HDPE polyethylene (diam. 4 mm) useful for a secure fastening and to lengthen considerably resistance and durability of windbreak nets.

Mounting tips and accessories

Arrange a series of poles in iron, cement or wood at a distance that will have to hold the height of the barrier and the diameter of the poles.

Space between the poles diam. 8/10 cm
– Distance for high poles from 2 to 2.5 meters: about 3 meters
– Distance for poles higher than 3 meters: about 2 meters


Fixing net
In the header poles fix the net by wooden splints or rubber profiles.



ffuni e cavi per impianti antigrandine

item FI4
Aluminium zinc coated steel wire diam. 4 mm – for ridge wire
1 Kg = 10 mtrs
Strenght: 980 N./ mm²
Average extension 4 – 5 %
Boxes: 50 -100 kg

Support cables
Place the wires or ropes in the side of the poles facing the prevailing wind at a vertical distance of 40/50 cm. Anchor the terminal poles with another inclined support.

Fixing net
Use a ring clamp to attach the net to the cables, at a distance of about 50 cm between the rings.
This system, in addition to being quick to execute, guarantees an excellent and lasting hold even over the years.


item FU5-19 class AB 1 Kg = 8,4 mt
Spiral rope 19-wire galvanized steel
Boxes: 50 kg



Cable fastening to wooden poles
item CAM
U-bolted staple for fixing ropes and wires on wooden poles
Boxes: 5 kg or on request

item LEG with automatic charging
item LEG2 with manual charging

Use: fastening of the nets on a wire or rope

item LEGAN
Boxes: 1600 pcs

TENDER with double ring
item TEND2
For cables from diam. from 4 to 7 mm
item MOR10
For cables from diam. from 7 to 8 mm
item MOR6
For cables from diam. from 4 to 6 mm